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Fingerprint recognition

Fingerprint recognition

Fingerprint identification was mainly applied in the access control system and attendance system earlier. The main service target is the community or enterprise unit. The popularity has increased greatly, not only in the transfer to individual users, but also in many different fields. It is not difficult to see that fingerprint recognition technology no longer has a high impression, but gradually enters the grassroots and truly serves ordinary people. Whether you are walking into a residential area, or entering a school, or handling identity documents or even paying for a purchase, fingerprint identification products can be seen everywhere.

  The fingerprint attendance machine is mainly composed of a sensor, a casing, a main board, a power source, a fingerprint device, a display, a keypad, a power cord and the like. The working principle is that the fingerprint automatic identification system collects, analyzes and compares the living fingerprints through special photoelectric conversion equipment and computer image processing technology, and can automatically, quickly and accurately identify the personal identity. The system generally includes processes such as fingerprint image acquisition, fingerprint image processing, feature extraction, and comparison and matching of feature values. Modern electronic integrated manufacturing technology makes the fingerprint image reading and processing equipment miniaturized, and the rapid development of personal computer computing speed provides the possibility of fingerprint matching operation on microcomputers and even single-chip microcomputers, and excellent fingerprint processing and comparison algorithm guarantee The accuracy of the recognition results.